AMACHA | 佐久鯉元祖/佐久ホテル/天然温泉






SAKUHOTEL of a Japanese old hotel has famous AMACHA.
This tea is Japanese old drink.
The history is older than green tea, and AMACHA is written in the Japanese literature book 1000 years ago.
There is the home whom fermentation dries the leaf of the plant called AMACHA growing wild in the hills and fields in the town called SAKU of Japanese NAGANO, and do it in tea for a long time.
The sweetness of sky tea has 1,000 times of the sugar, too, and the calorie is 0.  
The scientific name of the tree of the amateur tea is amacha.
The amateur tea is sweet and is delicious.
The amateur tea seems to cure atopy, allergy, sneeze, mucus, cough, itch, 
The amateur tea protects the mucous membrane of the stomach. In addition, I keep the effect of the material to resolve fat called the lipase into long.
The experimental data to be said to have suppressed the gastric ulcer 97.0% in amateur tea is announced.
tunberuginoru of the amateur tea ingredient is effective in suppressing disease around teeth bacteria to cause gingivitis.
The flavonoid of the amateur tea ingredient is effective for the bad breath prevention!
It is 3,000 yen at 100g.I can buy AMACHA here.    Telephone 0267673003. FAX67-3755. 0120395177.


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